MSG Industries has been designing and manufacturing top quality machinery since 1968; machinery designed for specific applications that demanded that our machines be of the highest quality and durability to meet the precise criteria of our customers. We have now taken these years of experience and expertise and applied it to the design and manufacturing of the “MINI MILL” series of bandsaw mills. We have striven to ensure that your mill is simple and safe to operate, easy to maintain and service, and above all else, reliable and accurate.

The “MINI MILL’s” most outstanding feature is its ability to cut the log in both directions. We have achieved this by making the entire band-saw head assembly reversible. With the push of a single lever the entire head assembly is unlocked from its position on each side of the carriage on the main frame. It is then rotated on a central shaft 180 degrees, lowered manually (250E) or electrically (250 & 250P), relocked into cutting position by pulling the lever back and ready to cut back in the opposite direction! This amazing feature allows you to save in two ways:

By being able to cut the log in both directions you eliminate a number of steps that you would have to perform with a traditional fixed head machine that can only cut one way. After your first cut you have to walk back towards the center of your log to remove the board and stack it. Then you have to go back to the end of the log to retrieve your machine and now drag it all the way back to the other end of the log to begin your next cut. With an MSG MINI MILL all you have to do is spin the head around, lower the head and begin your next cut in the other direction!

Being able to leave all your cuts stacked while you continue to cut saves you the obvious need for going back to pick up and stack every board individually. No longer will you have to put on all those extra miles walking or bending over to get every board every time… If you cut ten boards out of a cant with a traditional fixed head machine you have to stack those ten boards ten times. With the MINI MILL you can cut it down to two or three times.

After talking to many band-saw mill owners about their machines and studying all the available material put out by mill manufacturers about their accuracy, boardfeet/day claims etc… We very soon came to the conclusion that if you put the same blade characteristics and the same horsepower on any mill, they would all cut roughly the same boardfeet/day. So at MSG, our goal was to produce a mill that would potentially double production without incurring the costs of bigger motors, double edged blades and so on. WE DID IT! And we kept our costs down by keeping the machine simple. The most frequent comments we hear from our customers and those who are researching to buy is how impressed they are with the quality of construction and the innovative yet simple to use design of the MINI MILL.

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