Another feature on the “MINI MILL” made possible by its unique reversible head is its ability to cut beveled or lapsiding without having to buy optional equipment. Other mills require that you buy an “add-on” device that tilts your log back and forth to give you a beveled cut. This optional feature can cost between $500.00 and $1200.00 on traditional machines that can cut in only one direction. On the “MINI MILL” a simple two screw adjustment on one of the guide bearings allows you to set any desired taper right on the blade itself. Cut in one direction, reverse the head, lower and cut in the opposite direction and continue until you have made the final cut. It’s that easy and we didn’t charge you the $1.97 for the screws!

Our new electric chain driven log turner is really turning heads, quiet, smooth, simple…. There’s nothing on the market that compares. No more marking or denting the face of your cut like hydraulic ram log turners can do. Our electric log turner simply lifts the log off the beds and suspends it in a ‘chain cradle’ which allows you to rotate the log on those same chains and then set it gently back down on the log bed. No more banging, jamming, shaking… it handles the big, BIG logs just as easily as the small ones. No extra power is required to run it as it is powered off the battery on your machine.

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  • Log  Turner – $1,985.00
  • Mechanical Log Leveler – $288.75
  • Tongs – $58.78
  • Peavey – $63.00

Another option that we now have is a mechanical dogging system. Our regular log bunks with dogs and knees have to be individually adjusted to the log (2 on each bunk). This system is simple and effective and we will retain it for those customers who want to keep their cost down. Our mechanical dogging system automatically centers and secures the log when the lever is pulled and can quickly be released when the log needs rotating.

  • Bunk with dogs and knees – $80.85
  • Bunk without dogs and knees – $45.15
  • Track extension connector – $55.65
  • Angle iron rails – $7.12 (per lin ft)
  • Band-ade Cutting Fluid for wood (1 Gal.) – $22.80 (makes 10 gal. of cutting fluid)
  • Vinyl cover – $182.20
  • Log Turner ready switches – $150.00
  • MSG semi-auto blade sharpener $449.00 
  • optional stand $49.00

Sharpens 1¼” bands up to 13’6″ in length. Runs on 120 VAC. Semi-auto grinding (pull head down to grind, lift head to advance blade for next grind). SIMPLE AND FAST!

  • Lenox Flexback .035 IT – $25.46
  • Lenox Woodmaster B .042 IT – $62.50
  • Lenox Woodmaster C.042 IT – $18.75

One of the things we’ve strived for here at MSG is simplicity. We wanted to make sure that once the warranty goes off the machine you’re not going to get stuck depending on us for exotic ‘can’t find it anywhere’ parts. The mill has been designed so that maintaining it is low cost.  There are no mysteries on these machines and they all use standard wrenches. Lets face it, your cost will be significantly lower if you can buy replacement parts in your own community rather than from us. And remember, we’re just a 1-800-number away if you need assistance.

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